Tündérkert Szentlászló

Tündérkert Szentlászló is a small retreat center set in vineyards in Zala county, Hungary for mind body healing and development.Tündérkert is run by Erika Nagy and Finnbarr Kennedy. Erika teaches yoga and is skilled in sound bowl chakra balancing. Finnbarr, an ex Buddhist monk in the Thai Theravada tradition, teaches meditation.
The aim of Tündérkert is to provide an affordable place for people to come for retreat. We give instruction and provide a place for meditation and yoga. Erika is also available for sound bowl chakra balancing. Retreaters choose their own accomodation from local guesthouses which range from 9 euro per night at the local community center upwards.
People who wish to come for retreat can practise intensive meditation or do a more relaxed retreat combining meditation and yoga with nature walks through the vineyards and local oak forest. The thermal spa of Kehida is just 5 km away and is a wonderful complement to the retreat. Zalaszanto stupa, the biggest Buddhist in Europe is 8km away directly and can be seen from the center.
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Facebook: Tündérkert Szentlászló

Some local guesthouses are:



Makovecz Faluház Zalaszentlászo (Zalaszentlászló village community center, can be found on Facebook)

Finnbarr also makes malas from the local trees here. A full catalogue can be seen on Facebook at Brightheart Mala or at brightheartmala.com